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Listing summary

1 x Motorcycle: aprilia sr mt 125 scooter

Job ref: 8093 Date listed: 06-03-2019
Bids: 1 (0 active) Lowest bid: $300.00


Collect from:

Yamba NSW 2464 Australia

Deliver to:

Wallabi Point NSW 2430 Australia


Approx. 372 km


Economy (7-10 days)


Economy (7-10 days)

Listing description

Make: aprilia
Model: sr mt 125 scooter
Operational: Yes
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
carolb (2) $300.00 07-03-2019 Accepted


Question: Hi
I could do this week not sure if would be Wednesday or Thursday
Thanks Carol - carolb (11-03-2019)
Response: Hi Carol
Also does this include insurance? If so i will book with you straight away and if you can let me know which day so i can pass that on to the pick up location Cheers Neil
Question: Hi Neil
No I don’t have insurance at the moment working on getting it but very hard.
Thanks Carol - carolb (11-03-2019)
Response: Hi Carol
Can you still do wednesday or Thursday?

Question: Yes I can - carolb (11-03-2019)
Response: Hi Carol
Have just booked and paid deposit. Let me know wednesday or thursday for pickup so i can let them know.
Thanks Neil
Question: Hi Neil
I will come to you today if that’s ok.
Thanks Carol
- carolb (12-03-2019)
Response: Hi Carol

Just got back and found your email today is ok if not to late

Cheers neil
Hi Carol
Whats happening?