What is a Pallet Network?

Send a pallet for less using pallet networks

When sending a pallet within Australia, the carrier collecting your pallet won’t be the same carrier who delivers it. That may sound a little strange, but some independent pallet carriers have realised that working together to create networks opens up many more opportunities for their business, and so the pallet network was born.

Delivery Quote Compare works with over 200 independent pallet delivery carriers with a network covering Australia. So how do pallet networks work? Essentially, your local pallet carrier, who you will have booked the entire transit with, will collect your pallet. Your pallet will then be transported to a central hub where it is sorted and then picked up by the carrier for the destination address who take it from there. Everything is taken to a central sorting office and then sent back out again for delivery. Pallet companies within the network are assigned postcodes to cover, so everyone has their own territory to look after. Using a network to deliver your pallet can mean longer delivery times, but it is a cost effective way of transporting items on a pallet if time isn’t an urgent factor.

As pallets are lifted by the pallet itself rather than your item, the numerous hands that end up moving your pallet through the network, shouldn’t cause any damage so long as it is properly wrapped and packaged according to the carrier’s requirements.

And because the network functions as a single entity, you will only have a single point of contact, not multiple companies to go through, to determine your pallet’s status. All information is dealt with through IT solutions that allow you to monitor and track, if the service you’ve chosen supports it, as well as access to the pallet services proof of delivery information.

The benefits of sending a pallet via a network

Pallet networks function through business connections that essentially allow a small, local based pallet carrier to offer services that you normally wouldn’t have access to. Better yet, it offers competitive rates, especially when websites such as Delivery Quote Compare allow pallet networks to bid on jobs all over Australia, so you get better prices. A pallet network can offer everything a single carrier can, sometimes more as it has different carriers who are flexible enough to potentially offer different solutions and services. But, as always, remember to check through the details of the service, pallet collection & delivery details and the insurance provided to be clear on what’s on offer before you accept.

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