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Transporter Questions


Whether you’re a large transport company with multi vehicles, a small company with only one or two truck or even starting out with your own transport business Delivery Quote Compare can add value, bring you customers and help you build your business. Delivery Quote Compare gives you • Access to hundreds of listings • A […]

Drone Delivery in Australia – revisited


Five years ago, we posted a blog on our UK site announcing a start up Flirtey were beginning a commercial book drone delivery service. Flirtey is a US company who chose Australia as at the time we had some of the most modern rules on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Flirtey are still going offering delivery services, […]

Delivery Quote Compare launches transport bidding platform


From Australian Transport News: Delivery Quote Compare (DQC), a price comparison and bidding platform for shipping and courier services in the UK, has launched its Australian marketplace. Read the full story here

Delivery Quote Compare Freight Leads

15 prides itself on matching hundreds of freight transport companies with the exact type of customers they need. Online since 2010 we now receive over 40,000 enquiries each month via our website, generating thousands of highly qualified commercial freight leads. Many of our transport jobs transact through our marketplace where transporters of all sizes bid […]

Welcome to Delivery Quote Compare Australia


With the launch of Delivery Quote Compare in late October, signups for providers are now open. Don’t miss your opportunity to be a trusted provider with first-player advantage. That means, early adopters will have a greater opportunity to get customer reviews and jobs than their competitors. Be first, get in the game, and bring more business […]