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Fatigue: Warning Signs for Drivers


Fatigue Fatigue poses serious health and safety issues to Australian drivers. Our transporters are on the roads for 8 hours or more a day, often driving through the long open spaces Australia has to offer. This is why Delivery Quote Compare only partners with professional drivers. Our professional transporters can identify the warning signs of […]

Transport Jobs – Top tips on winning business


There are lots of transport companies in the market, and there are thousands of potential customers. Using can help you find them and win their transport jobs. However, to be ahead of the competition here are ten top tips for getting the most out of DQC.   Get a great User name A daft […]

Searching for Transport Jobs


Searching for transport jobs. As a transporter you’ll need to find jobs that meet your needs. They may be in your area or on a route to you regularly or even sporadically. To make sure you can find the jobs you want we have a detailed search function in our transporter dashboard so you can […]

Happy New Year 2019


Happy new year to all our customers and transporters! Whether you’re looking to move beloved items, household items or cars and bikes use Delivery Quote Compare in 2019 to save money, time and effort getting quotes from multiple transport companies. If you’re a courier or transporter looking for more work in 2019, join our expanding […]

Christmas Deliveries


We hope that Santa has all the presents ready for you and those that Santa isn’t bringing are out for delivery. With Delivery Quote Compare you can rely on trusted transporters to get your stuff to you in plenty of time for the big day. Simply list the details through our home page to get […]

Shipping and Air Freight


Shipping and Air Freight have a fast-evolving relationship in the transporting industry. Find out the benefits and opportunities this is creating both internationally and within Australia. Read the article here  

Transporter Questions


Whether you’re a large transport company with multi vehicles, a small company with only one or two truck or even starting out with your own transport business Delivery Quote Compare can add value, bring you customers and help you build your business. Delivery Quote Compare gives you • Access to hundreds of listings • A […]

Drone Delivery in Australia – revisited


Five years ago, we posted a blog on our UK site announcing a start up Flirtey were beginning a commercial book drone delivery service. Flirtey is a US company who chose Australia as at the time we had some of the most modern rules on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Flirtey are still going offering delivery services, […]