Fatigue: Warning Signs for Drivers


Blurry vision when you feel fatigue

Fatigue poses serious health and safety issues to Australian drivers. Our transporters are on the roads for 8 hours or more a day, often driving through the long open spaces Australia has to offer. This is why Delivery Quote Compare only partners with professional drivers.

Our professional transporters can identify the warning signs of fatigue and take the necessary steps to stay safe on the road and protect their cargo.

Signs of Fatigue

Providing exceptional customer service is key to our transporters. They pride themselves on their ability to deliver goods safely from A to B, this means customer items will arrive in the exact same condition they were picked up in. To do this, transporters will provide realistic delivery times to avoid accidents caused by fatigue, particularly long-haul jobs. Australia is a large country with very little between our major cities, so our transporters are conscious of the following warning signs;

  • Heavy eyes
  • Yawning
  • Slow response time
  • Daydreaming
  • Poor gear change performance
  • Fluctuations in maintaining the speed limit
  • Road rage

So how do you prevent fatigue or overcome it once you experience the warning signs?

Rest stop sign to fight fatigueThe only way is to sleep! Before any long drive or a day on the road as a transporter, ensure you’ve

had a good night’s sleep and are feeling refreshed in the morning. For long haul journeys, make use of truck rest stops to sleep or have a power-nap. Make sure you have regular breaks and get out of your vehicle to stretch and walk around.

It is important to remember that fatigue impacts everyone, not just those on the road for long periods of time. If you’re experiencing any of the above warning signs, it’s a good idea to pull over and rest or allow someone else to drive. Our transporters are experts in their field and take every precaution to ensure they, and their cargo arrives safely. To get quotes quickly and have your items delivered safely, list your jobs on www.deliveryquotecompare.com.au


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