Increasing the Success of Quotes

Winning Bids

Delivery Quote Compare is providing transporters with hundreds of jobs each week. Whether you’re using us to fill the last bit of space you have along a route or to generate new routes for your drivers, here are key tips to increase your success rate.

It’s a Numbers Game

increasing quotes

The more quotes, the higher your success

Australians are listing more than 500 jobs a week on our site, feel free to view them here! With the volume of jobs rising on our site, it is important to check in every day. Think of the site as your existing business, customers are coming to you for quotes, however many are still shopping around. You still provide them a price because there’s a chance they’ll go with you. Delivery Quote Compare is the same. If you don’t place any quotes, customers won’t know you’re able to do the job and you’re potentially missing out.


Our most successful transporters are putting upwards of 20 quotes on per day. They understand that this is a numbers game; the more you quote, the more you win!

Don’t forget that we have auto-bidding for routes that you do frequently. This feature automatically applies quotes to jobs within moments of them being uploaded by customers. Allows you to sit back while our site does the leg work for you. Auto-bidding is completely tailored to suit your business needs and capacity.

Quotes, with a serving of Customer Service

Customer service is vital to the transport industry, and Delivery Quote Compare is no different. Letting potential customers know you care about them and their items is just as important as the prices you quote. There are several ways to do this, one is completing your profile, but the most personable way is by interacting with customers when you quote.

Delivery Quote Compare gives you the ability to ask customers questions about the items they’ve listed. It’s important to know what you’re quoting on. Ask questions and provide tips regarding packaging, weight, and transport needs. This is a great ways for you to engage with the customer. Opening a line of communication builds rapport between you and the customer. That relationship has been beneficial to many of our transporters who are winning jobs.

Another great way to engage with customers is to let them know whether they have options for the quote you’re providing them. While majority of the quotes you provide will be for door to door, if you have depot to depot or a mix of both, it’s great to let customers know they have a choice and the potential of reducing costs further.

Timing is Everything

There’s a right time for everything and Delivery Quote Compare are no exception. To increase the success of your quotes, there are several things do to sooner rather than later.

Time is important

Make sure you check jobs often and respond to customers promptly

Our successful transporters are on our site every day providing competitive quotes to customers on recently listed jobs. This ensures that they can build rapport with the customer early on, and that their quote is one of the first considered. If a customer likes the quote they receive, the buck stops there, and the transporter wins that job!

Equally important is responding to messages in a timely manner. Customers look for professional, dedicated transporters to move their items. By responding to messages quickly you demonstrate that you care and are organised.

You can be a Success

Delivery Quote Compare understands that every business is different, and that time is a precious commodity. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your time is well spent. Our search function allows you to filter jobs to your needs, and auto-bidding can reduce the amount of time it takes to place quotes.

Which ever way you choose to use our site, we advise you dedicate some time every day to putting on quotes, the more the better. Ask questions to customers, be curious about the items they need transported. This will assist in your quote, as well as go a long way in building a relationship between your business and them. Finally, timing, apply quotes to relevant jobs, and ensure you respond to questions as quickly as possible.

Delivery Quote Compare has found thousands of jobs for transporters and we have thousands more for you to provide quotes on and win, it’s simple and easy!

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