Transport Jobs – Top tips on winning business

There are lots of transport companies in the market, and there are thousands of potential customers. Using can help you find them and win their transport jobs. However, to be ahead of the competition here are ten top tips for getting the most out of DQC.


  • Get a great User name

A daft username maybe fun among family and friends. However, in creating an account for your company a silly name come across with the right level of professionalism and trustworthiness to potential customers. So use the user name of your company to show the customer how serious and professional you are about your transport.



  • Update your profile and keep it updated

One of the many benefits of Delivery Quote Compare is that when customers are making a decision on a transporter they can look at the profile of your company. The profile should contain details about what you move, how you move it and a few basic details about your company. Maintaining this profile will allow you to sell yourself and give you more opportunities for winning transport jobs and new clients.


  • Bid, Bid and Bid again

Submitting bids for transport jobs quickly as you can is a good way to win jobs and beat competition, customers want their transport dealt with as quickly as possible. On average the first transporters to list bids are the ones the customer will be looking at most. If you wait a few days, the customer may have already made their choice. DQC has an autobidding facility to help you with this process, you can specify what type of moves you do, where you do it and our system will enter the bids on your behalf.


  • Enhancing your bid

When bidding use the “additional Information” box to ask questions about the job or to explain a little more about how or when you could complete the job. This gives the customer peace of mind and information about you, it also speeds up the process for both parties It also shows that you know what you’re doing, with a personal approach.



  • Check your messages

One of the most important tips we can give is to respond to customers quickly when they email. DQC lets you know each time a new message appears so check your email and get back to them. It seems simple, but a surprising amount of companies don’t, and it’s very effective.


It’s often that it’s not the lowest bidder that wins the job. Customers more often look for value with a good service, starting with a strong first impression is a good way to get that across.

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Part two – the next five coming soon

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