Delivery Quote Compare – Sign up for more business in 2019

Christmas time is by far the busiest time for transporters, from packets to pallets there’s the mad Christmas rush to get goods, stock and deliveries completed in time.

Unfortunately come January these urgent requirements and the huge amounts of business disappear and transporters find themselves searching for work after such a busy time.


Delivery Quote Compare offers transporters of all sizes to get access to new business, back loads and customers, free of charge to our transporters DQC can offer you.


  • 1,000s of quote requests from customers across Australia, local and interstate
  • Free service, free to register and use throughout
  • Flexibility, search and bid for those jobs that suit you and your routes or timescales.
  • Get paid for what you quote, the customer pays you directly, no waiting for your money.
  • Increased business, new customers that are yours.

Delivery Quote Compare is investing heavily going into 2019 ensuring we provide consumers with a direct portal to reach transporters like you and to provide a portal for our transport partners to generate new business through out the year.

Sign up here or call Anthony on 1300 415 412

We hope you all have a great and prosperous new year.

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