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Whether you’re a large transport company with multi vehicles, a small company with only one or two truck or even starting out with your own transport business Delivery Quote Compare can add value, bring you customers and help you build your business.

Delivery Quote Compare gives you
• Access to hundreds of listings
• A free service
• Massive sales and marketing support
• Access to clients you wouldn’t otherwise be able to find.

What does it cost

This is often the first question we’re asked, the answer for our marketplace transporters is, nothing, its free, free to register and free to use.

So how do you make money?

Our second most popular question. When you place a bid on a load or job you enter the amount you wish to receive, our system applies a small percentage to create our charge. When the consumer accepts your bid, they pay us the amount we added and you receive the amount you requested.

How do I get paid?

Easy, the customer pays you directly, we don’t hold your money and you don’t have to wait for long payment terms. You can list how you’d accept payment in your profile. We do advise our consumers not to part with the full amount until delivery, so you may struggle to ask for payment upfront.

So how does bidding work

Easy really, a customer lists their requirements on the site including what it is, where it’s going from and too and the dates or time frame they’d like it moving in.
You can filter the jobs to these details and see the ones you’d like to bid on, simply enter the price you’d like for the job (you can also enter a minimum price if others are bidding on it)
During the bidding process, you can give extra details or send messages, although not your company information at this stage.
The consumer can also message you so that you both are aware of the requirements before they accept the booking.
When the consumer accepts the bid they pay our small booking fee and at this stage, we give them your full contact details and ask them to complete a job sheet to give you all the collection and delivery details.
After this, you can liaise directly to complete the job.

What if a customer contacts me again after my first job for them?

No problem, many of our transporters have picked up a regular client from the first contact through us, as far as we’re concerned that’s good work and we’ll keep up the work finding you more.
You said only “marketplace” transporters get the service free of charge
Some of the jobs we have listed don’t fall into the category of standard transport such as air or sea freight, these aren’t really suited to the marketplace. For these types of job, we take qualified information and sell these to relevant freight companies to quote directly. This way we offer a solution to all types of transport.

So how do I begin?

Easy follow the link on our site for sign up as a transporter and follow the easy process. We review the details and documents you provide to give you access to your own dashboard and begin bidding.
If you get stuck or have more questions then you can call us, we’re real people, on 1300 415 412
We’d love to welcome you to our team and look forward to working with you.

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