Delivery Quote Compare Freight Leads prides itself on matching hundreds of freight transport companies with the exact type of customers they need. Online since 2010 we now receive over 40,000 enquiries each month via our website, generating thousands of highly qualified commercial freight leads.

Many of our transport jobs transact through our marketplace where transporters of all sizes bid for collections and deliveries of all types of domestic freight and transport.

For those freight needs, typically international, more information is needed so we provide those leads directly to transport partners. Freight leads provide:

  • Direct contact with the customer right from the beginning of the quote process
  • A great way to obtain new customers
  • Customers can contact you direct with any repeat business
  • Free trial – we are offering $200 worth of free leads to allow you to evaluate the service
  • No contract, subscription or cancellation fees – only pay for the leads you receive
  • Leads are sent to a maximum of 4 other companies (on average 2-3)
  • Lead screening – all leads are approved prior to being sent to matching to transport companies
  • Also during office hours a member of our team will contact the customer to confirm the lead details
  • Threshold – choose the maximum number of leads you wish to receive per day


Customised leads

By joining our leads programme, you can specify the exact type of jobs you want as well as the geographical areas you serve so you only ever receive leads that match your criteria.

Real time delivery

When a customer requests a quote via our website details of their requirements, as well as direct contact information are delivered in real-time to your nominated email address giving you immediate direct access to your next potential customer within minutes of them requesting a quote.

 Lead qualification

All leads are automatically screened to check the validity of the contact information provided; in addition Delivery Quote Compares’ support team manually check each lead to ensure that they match your business requirements. This ensures an exceptionally high quality of leads so that your sales team can focus on closing the deal.

Quantity of leads

The number of leads you will receive will depend upon the type of jobs you have selected and the routes you serve. In addition, as a member of our leads programme you can set the number of leads you wish to receive on a daily basis giving you full control over the volume of leads received, so whether that’s 5 a day or 5 a week it’s entirely up to you.

Lead allocation level guarantees that it will provide each lead to no more than two other companies, which represents one of the lowest allocation levels in the market. This provides the customer with choice whilst at the same time providing you with a high return on investment.

Payment information

There are no registration or subscription fees just a flat cost per each lead received., prices are*:

Payment is managed on a pay as you go model making it easier for you to control your budget; all you need to do is authorise a credit or debit card and we’ll bill you for every 10 leads you receive, or every 7 days should you receive less than 10 a week. Subject to status may be able to provide you with a monthly credit account. Are you constantly searching for ways to expand your customer base?

Lead management

As a member of our commercial freight leads programme you will be provided with access to a lead management dashboard where you can manage the type and quantity of leads you, your areas of operation as well as your company information.

Credit / Reporting policy

Should you receive a duplicate lead or one with incorrect contact information you can report it to us via your online dashboard. Once reviewed will issue a full credit against the price of the lead provided we are notified within five days of receipt the lead. Join the programme

To join our commercial freight leads programme simply register your business with by following our online registration process


*price correct on publication 15/10/2018 to check up to date pricing table please see our T+C’s 

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