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Man and Van, using these companies

The man and van company can be a business that’s part of a larger removals company, a small family business or even a one-man job. What you get with this service is one person to drive and of course, a van, taking the stress out of your move as they do the loading and unloading.

These vans usually have high ceilings (Called the Luton-style). It’s a good choice as it’s possible to stand upright while inside the van, making loading and arranging things like boxes and furniture inside easier. Some companies hire vans with tail lifts, making loading the bulky items even easier.

Finding a man and van service the easy way

Need help moving house? The man and van service is often the cheapest option and definitely the most reliable. The easiest way to find the one that’s best for you at the best price is to use Enter the details on our simple to use form and we match you to man & van services across Australia who are willing to help and send you competitive quotes for free and with no obligation.

After doing this you can simply browse your quotes, check the company’s profile page and see what feedback other customers have given them. This allows you to make the most informed decision possible and when you make it you’ll start communicating directly with the company to start arranging the work.

The different levels of service

When you give details of the job, don’t forget to think about what help you may need when the time comes. Do you need help packing? Disassembling furniture? Unpacking at the other end? All of these are available from man and van services but of course, the cost will be affected.

Why use a professional at all?

We’ve all thought it, why hire a professional when we can hire a van, get some mates together and get it done, surely that is the cheapest way. However this isn’t really the case, the cost of hiring the van, fuelling it, not to mention the risk of damaging the van building a hefty damages payment because driving a van is different to a car. These factors make hiring someone who knows what they’re doing the easiest and best solution, because well, they’re experienced. They’ve shifted hundreds of goods, near every day, plus they have a better instinct when it comes to loading and unloading. They also know what it’s like to drive a van, as well as having proper insurance both on the van, and your goods.

If you organise a move yourself you can build stress, waste time and spend too much. A professional will already know what to do, big sofa upstairs? No sweat, large unwieldy box? Easy.

Cheap man and van hire, some tips

For the cheapest quote possible, there are certain things to possibly try. Try to arrange your moving day during the week, the reason being weekends are often busier, so their time is a premium. Therefore a weekday quote will likely be lower than a weekend quote.

Before you start entering what it is that needs moving, have a proper look around and know exactly how much you need moving. Try and estimate, realistically how many boxes will be needed, and don’t forget the stuff in the shed or in the garage.

Aim for the middle sweet spot. Going over means you may hire a man whose van is too big, going under means you may not be able to move everything. Hit that middle spot and you’ll be paying the best price for the service you actually require. 

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