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Chilled Distribution Services

Refrigerated transport is the transportation of perishable items. Chilled distribution is essential for the movement of goods which require cool temperature levels to protect and preserve the contents during transit. Refrigerated transport is used in industries such as pharmaceutical, horticulture, food service and special deliveries such as ice sculptures and specialised metals.

Types of refrigerated transport

Chilled distribution vehicles include cold storage ISO containers, refrigerated trailers, heavy trucks, transit vans, reefer ships, inter-modal refrigerated containers, and refrigerated railcars.

What to expect from refrigerated transport companies

Chilled distribution is similar to most logistic operations, but with the addition of extremely rigid and regular vehicle and equipment inspections, for which the success of refrigerated transport depends on. Refrigerated transport companies frequently test the temperature levels during chilled distribution which their drivers can view from their cabin. Most refrigeration transport companies offer additional services such as packaging and storage as well as specialist multi-drop dual temperature deliveries.

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