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Heavy Haulage Transportation

Heavy haulage is used for the transportation of oversized loads. An oversize load covers a vast array of equipment and machinery from construction vehicles and plant hire to heavy industry equipment, boats and static caravans.

Arranging haulage for large, heavy items can be an extremely complex operation involving many different parties; this article is designed to provide you with an overview of heavy haulage transport and the key points to be aware of.

What to expect from a heavy haulage company

Once they have received information on your delivery load the haulage company will be able to advise you on:

• The most appropriate type of vehicle to use
• Provide the necessary equipment to load and off load your consignment, including cranes where required
• Propose a suitable route; for oversized loads a detailed plan is required to ensure accessibility, highlighting obstructions such as over head cables, bridges etc.
• Preparation for obligatory applications, sometimes required for local councils to move obstructions for oversize loads
• Organisation of an load escort, if required

Definitions of an oversized load

In Australia an oversized load is anything that exceeds the weight and size limits of the roads used, or the air/sea routes used in each particular State/Territory.

Heavy haulage escort service

Where the width of the load exceeds 4.30 metres on motorways, or 3.80 metres on A roads, or the weight exceeds 100,000kg, most Police forces will insist upon an escort, notification of which has to be received at least 2 days prior to the transport. For loads with a gross weight exceeding 80,000kg, County Councils will require a 5 day notification period.

Although organising the transport of heavy or oversized sized loads appears extremely complex, specialist heavy haulage companies will be able to handle all arrangements and documentation on your behalf.

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