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Furniture delivery in Australia

Whether you’re buying or selling furniture across Australia or across the world can find cheap delivery services for you. With no obligations and free quotes we offer a service that will save you both time and money.

Around Australia, Europe and the rest of the world there are a large number of specialist furniture delivery companies who are on our site. We can find quotes that are not only cost effective but are all from reliable furniture delivery companies for jobs from local to international.

Get cheap furniture delivery quotes

It’s hard work checking all the websites or ringing up delivery companies, we take the hard work out of finding quotes. Simply submit a request on our website and we find the companies that you need. Use our form to briefly describe your furniture, the size of the items being delivered, where it’s getting picked up and its destination. then sends out the quote request onto the site. is like a reverse auction, you get to see the cheapest bidders for your furniture. This will then allow you to choose the cheapest option which best fits your needs. Each delivery company on the website has a profile page for you to check reviews from other customers, to see how it has done in the past.

Delivery Options for Furniture

Furniture delivery has multiple options to consider. Companies can provide door-to-door delivery or room-to-room, depending on the level you want. Different services can mean different costs. You can choose collection and delivery dates if your require it to be done on specific dates, or flexible dates if there’s no rush.

Our furniture delivery services don’t just cover the home; we also provide quotes for office furniture delivery. These can be both basic and comprehensive, from moving single items to whole offices.

eBay Furniture, delivering purchases

When buying and selling on eBay you can still use Not all sellers on eBay provide delivery; large items are often sold collection only. Rather than hiring a van and going up yourself you can use the website to find a company to collect the furniture and deliver them to you with no hassle.

We are a company approved by eBay. You have the choice either as a buyer or a seller to use out site and find affordable quotes. All that is required is to simply enter the item number. Delivery through eBay is available not just around Australia but all over the world too. Next time you see some furniture you like, don’t ignore it because it’s collection only and miles away. Instead, come to and get free quotes today!

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